Our Patient Care Philosophy


We are a conservative general dental practice that enjoys treating all sorts of patients, big or small, young or those who are simply young at heart.


While our immediate objective may be to eliminate your dental pain, infection, or dysfunction, our primary goal is to protect your overall health bydiscovering the real cause of any dental problems and then provide patients with appropriate dental treatment and proper education to help prevent further disease. 

When it comes to prevention, we believe regular maintenance visits can prevent or control many dental diseases. It's one of the reasons we have so many highly skilled dental hygienists on staff.


Did you know that dental health can affect the health of your entire body?

It's true. Inflammation in our mouths can contribute to this detrimental condition. In fact, there have been definitive correlations made between oral bacteria and Heart Disease as well as Diabetes.


At times conditions arise that are best treated by a specialist. If we feel such a referral is necessary, we’re also fortunate to know many highly skilled dental specialists who also share our more conservative patient care philosophy. These specialties include ...


  • Oral Surgeon

  • Orthodontist (for braces)

  • Periodontist (for gum surgery)

  • Endodontist (for difficult root canals)

  • Pedodontist (for intimidated children)


Finally, we also recognize the importance of a healthy beautiful smile and how it relates to a person’s happiness, confidence, and self-esteem and that's why we also offer procedures including dental whitening and bonding/re-contouring to create esthetic results.


For a complete list of procedures we perform click on this link to our Services page.


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